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New Button armchair from Acomodel, with a careful design and maximum comfort. With this model you will boast of a distinctive salon thanks to its defined and dynamic lines that provide a warm touch.

The composition of this armchair is formed by injected polyurethane foam coated with viscoelastic, achieving the perfect fusion to obtain absolute comfort with this piece.
The new Button armchair from Acomodel has a removable head cushion with magnets attached. In this way each member of the family can adapt this cushion to achieve their personalized comfort.
Its metal legs of 25 cm offer this model of armchair an elegant, modern and daring detail.
Available in any fabric of the catalog of fabrics of our company, you are able to choose the same upholstered fabric that you are going to choose for your next sofa so everything in your living-room match with style.
Acomodel Upholstered step by step, we create…


Structre: metal structure covered with injected polyurethane foam. Soft fiber recovered.

Seats: injected polyurethane foam, fiber recovered and viscoelastic 50 Kg.

Backrest: injected polyurethane foam and viscoelastic 50 Kg.

Removable head pillow: conjugated siliconized hollow fiber.

Removable pillows: seat and head pillow.

Legs: metallic. / Height: 25 cm.

Armchairs, Seats
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